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Kuroshitsuji Icontest

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about icontest_bb;rules & submit;submitting format;
Welcome to icontest_bb, a bi-weekly icontest community for the manga and anime Kuroshitsuji [黒執事 // Black Butler].There are several kinds of challenges this community will be doing -- theme, image, and lyric.

I M A G E :
An image -- screencap, black and white or colored manga scan, official artwork -- will be provided for you. Change the photo in whichever way you see fit as long as its the sole image used.

L Y R I C:
The lyrics to a song will be posted. You must use three consecutive words from the song.

T H E M E:
A theme will be provided, sometimes for a certain character or a certain emotion--your task is to create an icon that best exemplifies that idea.
☆ Only four submissions per challenge.
☆ Your submission (s) must remain anonymous. No icons used should be posted anywhere until the results/winners are posted.
☆ You must be a member of the community to participate (both submitter & voter)
☆ Only official images are allowed. (i.e. no fanart, doujinshi, etc--even if made by you)
☆ Feel free to submit icons for another icontest as long as the results coincide with these.
☆ Your submission(s) should fit LJ's size standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40kb or smaller.
☆ Submissions should be posted on the entry of the challenge. All comments are screened.
☆ Submissions should be hosted somewhere such as
☆ Please use the following format for icon submission:

☆ Saturday 10:00AM (eastern) : Submission Deadline / Voting Begins
☆ Sunday 11:59PM (eastern) : Voting Closed / Winner Announced
☆ Sunday or Monday : New Challenge Posted

vote;affiliates;comm. button;
☆ Do not vote for yourself or have others vote for you.
☆ Voting takes place from Saturday (10am) to Sunday (11:59pm).
☆ You must be a member to vote
If you would like to affiliate--please post here


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☆ Copy and paste code to help spread the word about the icontest.
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